I write this as we all hold our collective breath waiting for the outcome of the general election. So forecasting what may happen in the coming months and years is even more of an art than a science than it usually is.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats emphasised fairness in society and everyone's right to a decent home in their manifesto's; the Conservatives put greater focus on home ownership with more distribution of power from the state to citizens and local communities.

I'm an observer of people what makes them tick, personalities, behaviours, motivation and also culture. Within any change managers tool kit unless you have the ability and knowledge of people behaviours you?re on a hiding to nothing.

This takes me to a rare early morning visit to see Chelsea play followed by a meal in Kensington. These are not my normal surroundings but ha ho a great day out anyway. With my people hat on I was sadly disappointed; the atmosphere at the bridge has changed since my last visit ten years +all very polite and secure in their premier league wealth and standing. No shouting, few songs and not even the odd push (yes I miss the terraces). The meal was fantastic but again no real atmosphere, how I longed for a domestic row.

We need changes in the organisation to beat the recession? was a phrase that I was constantly hearing. One of the main areas affected by recession is the job market. Reports of redundancies and job losses from some of the most well known companies were on the news headlines daily. The change of business environment has lead to many frustrated workers who started to wonder what the future holds for them as they could be suddenly unemployed. This was the wake up call to change my life to what I desired, an opportunity to scrutinize what I do and what I would like to do and with an enormous help from PMCDE Ltd, I became self employed in Project Management.
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  • Delivering Change Management

    Organisations that simply react to external environments cannot achieve a sustainable vision. Ones that innovate and seek to renew themselves and do things differently will have a strong legacy that will make business sustainable and thrive in competitive markets.

  • Nurturing and encouraging growth

    All our business solutions are tailored specifically to your organisations needs. Our hands-on ethos is paramount to understanding how your teams work from within. We maintain a professional, but personalised, approach to ensure we cover every aspect of your business processes.

  • Developing teamwork promoting change

    At PMCDE we believe that we excel in nurturing individual talent but our focus has and always will be in creating dynamic teams that drive organisations across the winning post.

  • Putting the zest back  in your business

    Once PMCDE Limited implements your own winning formula you will find that success becomes a habit.