Twenty five years ago we started to build our reputation within grounds maintenance and arboriculture as well as specialist areas such as agronomy and woodland management. In many ways it's our first love and as we travel to various contracts we are keen observers of how horticulture and specifically design is managed as part of the landscape including Housing areas by various providers including now ALMOS and Trusts to name but a few.

The continued financial pressures for many years on service providers has led to a continuous decline in skills, reductions of horticultural features, grass cuts and pruning cycles and at what cost. The core cost is that we are losing our green spaces, herbaceous and other forms of bedding which were once a feature of this country to be replaced by a concrete jungle. I accept the pressures and difficult decisions on service providers relating to costs but horticulture is not just about parks it's about where we live and how it makes us feel and the pride in the community.

At a time when the Copenhagen Summit brought world leaders together to look at the major global challenge of climate change now is perhaps the time to think about the homes and services that we provide and to make sure that we are keeping up with needs and aspirations.

In recent years the focus on producing environmentally friendly new affordable homes has increased with the introduction of the notably higher standards in the Code for Sustainable Homes. Whilst the private sector has been given more time to raise standards there too requirements are increasing. As Ministers are keen to point out, one in three homes in 2050 will have been built between now and then, so requiring higher standards is vital if the UK is to meet carbon reduction targets. Such is the pace of change in relation to new homes that those being built today are already 40% more energy efficient than those built in 2002.

The old year 2009 has now come to an end, for many it has been a year of hardship with the recession and job loses.

For PMCDE it has been a year of shear hard work with new opportunities and the expansion of our business.

With our main contract with Essex County Council ending in April 09 and all the gloomy reports about businesses not surviving the recession, we had our concerns.

We wasn't getting the usual calls from organisations after doing our mail out ,so we used the time to really look at our business. Where were we heading? Where did we want to be in the market place?
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  • Delivering Change Management

    Organisations that simply react to external environments cannot achieve a sustainable vision. Ones that innovate and seek to renew themselves and do things differently will have a strong legacy that will make business sustainable and thrive in competitive markets.

  • Nurturing and encouraging growth

    All our business solutions are tailored specifically to your organisations needs. Our hands-on ethos is paramount to understanding how your teams work from within. We maintain a professional, but personalised, approach to ensure we cover every aspect of your business processes.

  • Developing teamwork promoting change

    At PMCDE we believe that we excel in nurturing individual talent but our focus has and always will be in creating dynamic teams that drive organisations across the winning post.

  • Putting the zest back  in your business

    Once PMCDE Limited implements your own winning formula you will find that success becomes a habit.