Road to Self-Employment

We need changes in the organisation to beat the recession? was a phrase that I was constantly hearing. One of the main areas affected by recession is the job market. Reports of redundancies and job losses from some of the most well known companies were on the news headlines daily. The change of business environment has lead to many frustrated workers who started to wonder what the future holds for them as they could be suddenly unemployed. This was the wake up call to change my life to what I desired, an opportunity to scrutinize what I do and what I would like to do and with an enormous help from PMCDE Ltd, I became self employed in Project Management.

How was it done?

I enjoyed the tea breaks and the socialising at lunch times with colleagues, having discussions about the things I did over the weekend but the idea of carrying out the same task every day with minimum challenge was not something I was enjoying. I was tired of commuting to a job where I sat at a desk and delivered someone else's commands. Before I decided to become self employed I considered all the pros and cons and how a career change of this type would affect me in the long term and tried to establish whether this was just a dream or an idea worth pursuing.

Advantages that were considered

I thought about how great it would make me feel to get paid to do what I love , have the opportunity to pick and choose who I would like to work with and what type of work I would like to be involved in . I would have the flexibility to decide my own hours of operation, business location and have control over all decisions affecting my working life and the sense of achievement and personal fulfilment of running my own business. I would learn new skills and broaden my abilities as I would be carrying out varied roles, and if everything went well, the chances were that I would make more money than working for an employer.

On the other hand...

I would have to take significant financial risk as I would not be receiving any money if I?m not working and I would not get any employer benefit packages, which means that it will be hard for me to go on holidays and take days off. I have to take care of everything from book keeping to meeting the client?s expectations. I would have to sacrifice!!!


Evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, asking people and working together with PMCDE Ltd I have decided that the benefits of being self employed outweighed the risks for me. I needed a new challenge, a new life and have control over my own destiny. Considering the financial risk as a main factor, I have put money aside for emergencies and took the road to becoming a self employed person. I had the privilege of PMCDE Ltd guiding me throughout the process, so I cannot thank them enough. I have now been self employed for 3 months working as an associate to PMCDE Ltd and have already completed three projects within local authorities and a housing association and now at a stage of procuring another contract for six months.

So far, I have enjoyed having to carry out various projects and wide ranging tasks using my own knowledge and expertise.

The best advice for self employment minded individuals I can give is to be financially stable, always plan ahead, be very self motivated, autonomous and be prepared to broaden your skills as you will be expected to carry all varied tasks that may not be within your skill set to succeed.
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