Passion for Change

I'm often asked why I don't consider going back into employment specifically in these potential dark times for consultants and interim managers. The answer is simple I have a passion for change management and I believe in my own ability and that of my colleagues within PMCDE Limited that we can make a difference to the industry sector that we love, which is mainly Housing related. That's not to say that we don't underestimate the works of those who have chosen a different route as many of those who I look up to the most are making their own mark in employment such as David Mclean of Notting Hill Housing Trust, Julian Paine of Testway Housing and Henrietta Brown within Essex County Councils Social Care.

The fact is I love making a difference within our various contracts as well as meeting new and exciting people as well as the challenges that we are set and required to deliver. We are also passionate about finding and moulding talent as we have just done at Enfield Borough Council as well as many of our other contracts over the years.

As a small company it can be incredibly hard sometimes as competition and procurement regulations can sometimes be to the detriment of companies like us. Additionally perception is sometimes a problem where size is often mistakenly assessed as the most likely to be the most appropriate on providing solutions.

We don't advertise our services but continue to develop on word of mouth and repeat works as our clients know that we will deliver and our personalise approach means that we forge relationships based on trust.

I would finally say that we have a vision within PMCDE Limited for excellence and achieving even higher goals than we have already achieved. I have the privilege of working with my best friend Gilem Komur, my wife Beverly Barker and my mentor and dear friend Richard Kitson on a daily basis so what more could you ask for. Yes there are pressures, uncertainty but to not compromise on your dream is so important.
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  • Delivering Change Management

    Organisations that simply react to external environments cannot achieve a sustainable vision. Ones that innovate and seek to renew themselves and do things differently will have a strong legacy that will make business sustainable and thrive in competitive markets.

  • Nurturing and encouraging growth

    All our business solutions are tailored specifically to your organisations needs. Our hands-on ethos is paramount to understanding how your teams work from within. We maintain a professional, but personalised, approach to ensure we cover every aspect of your business processes.

  • Developing teamwork promoting change

    At PMCDE we believe that we excel in nurturing individual talent but our focus has and always will be in creating dynamic teams that drive organisations across the winning post.

  • Putting the zest back  in your business

    Once PMCDE Limited implements your own winning formula you will find that success becomes a habit.