Exciting Challenges for 2011

The year 2010 has been a successful one for PMCDE Ltd, not only because once again we have achieved a profit, but we have formed new exciting partnerships and increased our level of Associates.

We have seen the development of our change theories and workshop designs embraced by our clients and the results have led us to look at a raft of new exciting challenges for 2011 which will include providing tailored training courses. As change agents we know all too well the benefits of introducing new working modules, strategies and what re-profiling can bring to the development of an organisation and we hope that our continuous improvements will bring even more benefits to our client market.

With the change in government, the Coalition has introduced some radical cuts to the Public Sector with an emphasis on efficiency savings. As a company we have been delivering efficiencies for organisations for a number of years, this is an area we excel at and have the testimonials to support this. We hope that the directors for delivering efficiencies will be creative in their vision to achieve these savings and by utilising our skills; we can imbed new cultures and ways of working to obtain long term savings and success.

Efficiencies do not have to be detrimental to the delivery of an efficient, customer focus service. The emphasis has to be however on delivering such changes in a controlled environment and by embracing change programs which actually deliver proven results.

We have continued to be able to offer our clients competitive services to meet their purses as we have limited our overheads. The fact that we have not marketed our services again in 2010 is down to a year of repeat contracts and recommendations.

So we would like to thank all of our clients, partners, suppliers and associates for a fantastic year and with this continued support we can continue to build on our successes, so we welcome 2011 and the exciting and challenging times ahead!

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  • Delivering Change Management

    Organisations that simply react to external environments cannot achieve a sustainable vision. Ones that innovate and seek to renew themselves and do things differently will have a strong legacy that will make business sustainable and thrive in competitive markets.

  • Nurturing and encouraging growth

    All our business solutions are tailored specifically to your organisations needs. Our hands-on ethos is paramount to understanding how your teams work from within. We maintain a professional, but personalised, approach to ensure we cover every aspect of your business processes.

  • Developing teamwork promoting change

    At PMCDE we believe that we excel in nurturing individual talent but our focus has and always will be in creating dynamic teams that drive organisations across the winning post.

  • Putting the zest back  in your business

    Once PMCDE Limited implements your own winning formula you will find that success becomes a habit.