Andy Brown Repairs Maintance Manager CBC views on PMCDE's Management approach

I was employed at CNH as one of four team leaders who were responsible for managing the day to day operations of responsive and void repairs, PMCDE had been brought in by CNH EMT to show it the way in transforming the business.

Due to the departure (emigration back to South Africa) of the R&M Manager (Colin Fearn) a position on an initial 6 month interim basis was advertised internally, I applied along with two other team leaders and to my delight was confirmed into post to work with the PMCDE team in supporting the changes required into transforming the business.

My immediate Director (boss) was to be Richard Barker, from my initial meetings with Richard back in August 2012, I could see the drive and determination that he had in “getting the job done” his no nonsense approach was what the company had needed, from day one there was clear direction in sharing the “way forward” with me ensuring I was not just part of the decision process but was actively involved in making serious decisions that would affect the business peoples lives.

Richard’s man management skills are second to none; he gave me the belief to make decisions knowing that the decisions are not always popular but for the best of the business at all times.

Richard and his team involved me with the whole process in transforming CNH, from re-structuring the repairs teams, managing a section in the highly successful customer journey mapping to formalising the closure of the Wood Mill & outsource of the materials stores to an external supplier, this was sometimes extremely exhausting but very rewarding when you can now actually see that the almost impossible can be achieved.

The whole team from PMCDE made me and my guy’s very welcome although there was always a clear business approach from Gil, Bev & Graham, all of our current processes were fully examined and re-designed to ensure the business moved onto a level that was more efficient and cost effective.

Richard in particular sees the bigger picture and the outcome before its happened, his experience shone through, I never doubted what he told / taught me in the early days, he believed in me from day one and made me into a far better Manager, my confidence was always high but he guided me to the next level, he tested me and put me through it sometimes, but he extracted something more from me which I have now managed to get from my small management team and operatives alike.

 I was very sorry to see them go but for sure they have transformed our business.

A leadership training day was delivered by Richard Kitson (Jan 12) internally which internal managers attended, this was highly successful and all that attended have suggested that they all now manage having a better understanding of behaviours in business and strategic leadership.
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