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  • Chartered Institute of Housing


    PMCDE successfully turned around the Asset Directorate of Seren a major Welsh Housing Group including shaping their business model with the Gwalia Group for a merger creating the Pobl Group.


    Richard worked for us as Interim Director of Asset Management and in his time with us he completely reshaped the Asset Management Team to give much greater clarity around roles whilst ensuring that the team are able to play to their strengths. Morale within the team increased significantly as a result and individuals have thrived in their new roles. Kathryn Edwards Manging Director of Pobl”.


    “I had the pleasure of working with Richard when he led the change transformation of the Asset Directorate at Charter Housing. Richard truly transformed the service delivering exciting, high paced and sustainable change within the organisation. Richard has a very unique approach to change, one that creates excitement within teams, inspires individuals and delivers a strong and controlled approach to project management”. Additionally his IT projects combined with business intelligence were truly inspiring. Andrea Gale Group Development Pobl


  • Chartered Institute of Housing


    PMCDE worked with the Chartered Institute of Housing on creating a new asset management approach for the UK housing sector.  

    Richard represented Welsh Housing provider Charter Housing (part of the Seren Group) on the innovative UK wide CIH Working together to redefine asset management project during 2014 -2015. Richard was a valued member of the project team and used his involvement in the project as a catalyst for developing a much stronger Group approach to the development and delivery of asset management, delivering a real step change for Charter and Seren. The core development of asset management which Richard championed in his role as the Director of Asset Management was around business intelligence and the utilisation of data around sustainability and stock viability. Richard brings a real energy and enthusiasm in his approach to asset management”.
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