Our PMCDE Limited newsletter this time is about the welcoming of new associates.

Graham Hollingdale has joined us as our associate specialising in asset management and has a distinguished history in working for both the public and private sectors to Director level. Graham will bring a lot of technical experience and is an exceptional cutting edge thinker relating to Housing services. We have been looking for a long time to bring someone who has Graham's skills to the company and we are very excited about the high standards which he can provide to our customer base.

PMCDE News Round up 2010

Suffolk Council

The Guardian review of Suffolk County Councils plan for its major outsourcing agenda was fascinating. It really got to the heart of the debate which in many ways is less about the current climate of financial gloom within the public sector but more about a vision set nearly three decades ago by the Thatcher government on virtual Council principles. There are pro and cons relating to the concept but what is clear are that the principle even if it does not occur in Suffolk will not go away.

As change agents we recognise that in much of the public sector an efficient and streamlined approach is much overdue. What is not needed is however a reactive and unfocused approach to cutting services with minimal understanding of the ultimate consequences in years to come.

If you randomly charge directors in making million pound cuts per year you will achieve the savings but at sometimes a high and negative impact especially to that of the end user the customer. Many services are already at breaking point so the answer is to professionally drive through efficiencies by business like decision processes that requires specific skills i.e. experienced change agents.

A plug for the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses). The federation which we are members of is a fantastic organisation representing small businesses with regards to advice, support, networking and assistance and we would highly recommend any business to look them up and see what they could do for you.

We sadly were unable to make the Xmbrace INMOTION 2010 event this year due to a change assignment. Although we were unable to attend we are sure as always that it would have been a tremendous success. As anyone who has followed our company growth will know we have been associated with XMbrace for many years and have placed in their OPTITIME product at many organisations. Look forward to 2011 guys.
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