Philosophy for Change Management

The strength of PMCDE Limited is that we are passionate about the concept of change

change management philosophy

The strength of PMCDE Limited is that we are passionate about the concept of change and we are striving for continuous knowledge and understanding of change management within a business and organisational concept. This allows us to tailor your needs around approaches that will actually deliver results to your organisation and not ones that do not fit your specific box. A service change consultant is most likely to replicate a practice that is common within their own limited knowledge of change a PMCDE Limited consultant will look at a practice or delivery from over twenty years of study into change theories past and present. Organisations requiring change with limited resources need results that are sustainable and therefore we aim to make this happen.

Philosophy for Efficiencies

Our aim is to understand your organisation through listening and asking a number of questions around your strategic and organisational direction so that we can gauge where, how and what efficiencies could be delivered as well as what you want your organisation to be. We aim to make organisations winners within their fields and sectors and imbedded within this will be a planned and controlled environment taking you through your journey. Our model will provide sustainability and not a playing field for future problems.

Philosophy for Sector Management

Our company strives to not only procure the best sector experience within our consultants but also people who are striving to make our core markets that of Housing progressive and entrepreneurial within their thinking.  We set our associates challenging tasks to develop organisations in line with the climate of change. Our associates are forward thinkers who will promote innovative solutions applicable for today’s environment.

Philosophy for Business Excellence

Our aim is to create outstanding organisations and services that have a desire to be the best in their field. We believe that there are no boundaries to achieving excellence only the lack of knowledge in delivering ones vision. We will deliver results, a stronger customer focus, improved leadership, development of your staff, continuous learning, innovation, process designs and core solutions that will make you not only a responsible business but an effective one.

CASE STUDY: Southwark Council

We worked on two areas with Southwark Council within their Social Care Department. Firstly we built a framework for the transformation of day centre activities establishing a new team to deliver on the proposals that we established.

Secondly we project managed the initial phases of a design and build project for the delivery of a new adult day centre which was part of one of Europe’s largest social housing builds. This involved developing the internal build team as well as working with the external designers, builders and scheme management team.
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