The Core Areas of Excellence

We look to build into organisations an understanding of change and how, by astute management, this could be an advantage

the core areas of excellence

Relationships with Stakeholders – From customers, suppliers, partners, associated bodies we forge relationships that create a trust, bond and loyalty between all parties. An appreciation of needs, expectations and open communications are vital.

An Attractive Service or Product – There is no difference in the principle of a baker selling a loaf of bread to an organisation providing a service or business requirement. It’s about perception, impact, satisfaction, value and quality. We go into many organisations and when we ask ‘what do you do?’ many times we get the answer “we just do this”, with limited passion or conviction. Excellence to us is where there is a motivation and energy about all related tasks and works and shared pride in the service or product being delivered. We don’t just deliver this we drive it through.

Culture – Organisations can have the most highly skilled managers and staff that are available but still fail because there is a deep rooted problem with the companies’ culture. Each organisation will have a unique culture and it’s paramount that to achieve excellence it’s the culture that is the core driver. Most marketing research highlight that competitors fear companies which have a good culture more than their products as in the end products will become less desirable if not changed but culture can attract interest, a desire to work for the company and a reputation. Above all create teamwork.  Culture takes a long time to achieve but can be destroyed within minutes.

Risk and Mistakes – This is a complex issue as there are two unique sides to this area. Organisations that continually take risks but learn from mistakes will generally be successful. Organisations that avoid risk, hesitate or aim for a goal with limited understanding of how to achieve this will fail. We are often told we want to achieve this, but we can’t afford it, but in reality most times you can’t afford not to.

Flexible to change – Prepare, learn & embrace change. We look to build into organisations an understanding of change and how, by astute management, this could be an advantage. Above all we will manage your culture and your people so that you have an organisation which is totally committed to a vision. We won’t let you fail as we only cater for winning organisations. 

Leadership – Most important success factor for any organisation. They have to know how to make things work for the company. They have to find a way to make each worker an asset that would contribute to the company's growth. If you'll think about it, a ship without a captain is as good as no ship at all.

"PMCDE Limited excelled in the delivery of our need and its especially satisfying when an idea turns into reality. You have my sincere thanks."
Geoffrey Jackson - Director of Technical Services - Notting Hill Housing

CASE STUDY: South Essex Homes

We worked on four projects with SEH including a full equalities and diversity framework, development of a contact centre for repairs enquiries, new schedule of rates linked to staff terms and conditions and a full IT design including mobile working.

We additionally worked with the Council in delivering seamless communications to the new ALMO as well as an advisory service for repairs and maintenance, planned maintenance as well as electric and gas works.
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