Training and Development

The improvement that has been achieved is undeniable.
Sally McTernan Director Enfield Council

Training and Development

We can provide our clients with training solutions tailored to their needs or some clients prefer to tap into our core areas which are customer care, staff development, creative thinking including change and our employee design workshops.

Our customer care training is about delivering a bespoke learning environment relating to your actual business and customer base. It’s therefore primarily about the relationship that you have with your customers and facilitating their needs. Our courses are delivered to achieve results and are therefore cost effective. They are provided by experienced managers with high level customer care skills.

Our staff development courses are based on developing internal talent pools and future managers. From one to one to groups we aim to get your people thinking about real problems and how to develop solutions. We can prepare someone for the real working environment and challenges they may face. We believe that this supporting tool to academic courses will give organisations a future internal solution to managers than recruitment.

Our extensive background in change management has highlighted that those organisations looking for a competitive edge should be looking at developing creative thinking throughout its structure. We provide unique environments that can facilitate this working with your people so that they can utilise their creative thinking to solve not only problems but also new concepts.

Staff suggestion schemes, quality circles and Total quality management don’t always work for various reasons. We believe that employees have thousands of ideas which are never heard that could radically transform a business for the better. Our process is to unlock these ideas not only with an initial workshop approach but continuous idea generation.

"The inclusive approach adopted by PMCDE brought staff and managers along on the change journey, unlocking the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm that existed in the teams. Working relationships that previously existed were recast and new partnerships formed which have re-energised the staff group."
Sally McTernan - Assistant Director for Community Housing Services, Enfield Borough Council

Leadership training day comments!

"The day was very useful, the training was excellent and has allowed me to step back and review my role and look at changes i can make that will help me communicate better with my team and deliver a better service". Tal Mehta- Asset Manager - Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day which has broadened my horizons in many ways, I'm now looking at the bigger picture in all aspects of my work for CNH". Andrew Brown - Repairs Manager -Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing
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