Customer Journey Mapping

An organisation which understands its environments and aims to continuously adapt to achieve excellence will ultimately excel

change to succeed

PMCDE provides specialist support for those organisations which look to engage customers and understand their perceptions of services which are offered. We deliver customer journey workshops which are interactive and are focused on how the customers would like organisations to develop to meet their needs.

We plan the whole process for our clients from profiling, design of workshops to delivery.

For organisations which are looking to provide excellence customer journey mapping is now essential. A key criterion for the Customer Service Excellent Standard we at PMCDE are now providing tailored solutions to our clients.

''We employed Beverly Barker from PMCDE to be our consultant and interim lead as customer champion for the property and Investment directorate ·transformation. Within a short period of time we started to see real benefits with our first ever customer journey mapping with tenants, customer care procedures for operatives, a contractor/DLO charter for customer care as well as tenants working alongside operatives and surveyors doing shadowing and developing the new service vision. Beverly has also now worked with the CNH team to move us towards the customer service excellence award by creating a clear pathway and vision. We can’t believe how much has been achieved within such a short timeframe and the momentum around providing an embedded customer culture is so evident''
Sure Taylor, Chief Executive Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

CASE STUDY: Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing

We worked with Charnwood Neighbourhood Housing and their tenants in examining perception of services by tenants through a number of customer journey mapping workshops which have been designed by PMCDE Ltd to provide service improvements based on customer needs. These workshops combined with our supporting process workshops for client staff are increasing in popularity as more and more organisations look for engagement of tenants by a focused processes.
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